We are Fulfilled

To live a life Fulfilled is to do things, buy products and make choices that enable us to fulfill our own true potential whilst giving care and thought for the people and planet around us.
It is deeply troubling to see the effect human activity is having on the natural world; from deforestation caused by intensive palm oil farming, to our oceans choking on the amount of plastic waste flowing into it. For many of us this is not new news and we do our best to make what changes we can to make a difference.
This is the difference that Fulfilled wants to make.
My name's Elizabeth, Founder of Fulfilled. I really wanted more eco-friendly bath products but struggled to find anything that ticked all my boxes. Like many others I know, I also didn't get on well with shampoo bars which were my initial go-to product.
So I sought to design and develop the optimal combination; a premium luxury product that does good for you, is good for the planet and looks good in your bathroom.
We hope you display your beautiful Fulfilled products with pride. After all, they’re designed to last and to look fabulous, whilst making you look and feel fabulous too.
We’re only just beginning our journey with more gorgeous collections in the pipeline and more innovative packaging solutions to trial.
We invite you to join us on our first step...and live a life Fulfilled.