Our mission is to eradicate single-use plastic in the home, starting with the bathroom. As we make steps to achieve our mission, every element of your Fulfilled product is designed with the core ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ principles in mind.


  • To begin with, Fulfilled bottles are aluminium, not plastic.
  • Fulfilled bottles and refills are 500ml as standard. This larger size means you will need to order products less frequently, reducing the amount of packaging you use over a period of time.
  • Our Refills are sent in pouches* which weigh far less than the plastic bottle equivalent, reducing the amount of plastic used by up to 70%.
  • The cardboard packaging used to ship your Fulfilled products have been specially designed to hold the products safely in place, eliminating the need for any unnecessary filler materials.

 *Currently there are very limited materials, other than plastic, available that will safely store and post refill liquids. But we're working on this.


  • Core to our ethos is the ability to reuse your Fulfilled bottles again and again.
  • Aluminium is a light metal, which is perfect for home use, but can be susceptible to the odd dink or scratch over time. By which point, you can recycle your bottle (see below) and reorder from your favourite collection or explore a new one.
  • You can also reuse your pumps by giving them a thorough rinse each time you refill.
  • Read the How it works page for further information on how to refill your Fulfilled bottles.


  • Fulfilled bottles are made from aluminium due to its impressive recycling properties. It takes just five percent of the energy as it does to create brand new aluminium and it can be reprocessed and reformed endlessly, losing none of its quality during the recycling process.
  • Fulfilled Refill pouches are recyclable under recycle code 7. If your local recycling facility doesn't accept this plastic then we can recycle your pouches (and your pumps too!) for free using our specialist recycling partner. To ensure no plastic is single-use, return any 3 empty pouches in a single refill box back to us. Simply email us to request a free returns label to do so.
  • All cardboard and paper packaging is made from 100% recycled paper stock.
We’re just starting out on this journey to achieve our mission, so watch this space as we reduce our plastic footprint even further.